CHEXS Summer Newsletter 2020 (Covid-19 special)

CHEXS Summer Newsletter 2020

Covid 19 Special

Learning and Resource Webpage

CHEXS have been busy creating a useful resource for parents and carers to entertain children or young people at home over the coming weeks.

There are educational links for learning, games and family activities to do together all organised in a simple and clear way to easily find what you are looking for.

We have categories for

• Secondary aged Young People

• Primary Children and younger

• Games and activities for any ages

• Awards to try

• Internet safety videos to watch together

Please share with your colleagues, friends and family and let CHEXS help you at this difficult time.…/learning-and-activities-resource/

We will be looking at our recommended resources in more detail once a week on our Facebook page.
Please Like and follow our page to see more information and updates.

CHEXS Online Grow competition Launched – 2020

On the 17th April CHEXS launched its new ONLINE Grow Club. An idea thought of by one of our Leadership team students.

The competition is open to ANYONE who would like to take part and its so easy to get involved.

The rules are simple…
It’s so easy to enter…..all you have to do is:-
1. Email us at register
2. Follow the instruction sheets we send out to you.
3. Send us some picture updates from time to time with how you’re doing . They’ll then be added to our Facebook event page.
The winner will be judged at the beginning of July – good luck to you all!

Fundraising for CHEXS

 A HUGE thank you to Lee for the amazing fundraising work you did for us at the Cambridge marathon last month dressed as a dinosaur.
He raised a whopping £856.75 for CHEXS
This fantastic fundraising money will be going toward the charities amazing work such as Food bank deliveries, Family support and remote mentoring sessions during the Covid-19 crisis.

If anyone would like to donate to CHEXS, no matter how large or small it would be very much appreciated (and can be done through our Facebook page very easily) – this is an incredibly tough time for all charities and your donations can make a real difference.
Thank you.

Karen our Outreach worker

It is with sadness that we announce that our Outreach worker Karen has left CHEXS due to personal circumstances. Karen has been awe-inspiring with the work she has done during her time with CHEXS, firstly as a volunteer, then as an employee.

Karen will always be part of the ‘CHEXS family’ and there will always be a warm welcome for her, she is held in such high regard by colleagues, the families that you worked with on a daily basis, and the Trustees for the Charity. We are all exceptionally grateful for all that you have done as an inspirational member of the CHEXS team.

It goes without saying that we wish Karen all the very best for the future.

Karen’s ‘The Craft Room’ CHEXS Fundraiser
A HUGE thank you to Karen for setting up a fantastic fundraiser for CHEXS. She has been painting rocks for the community to hide locally since lockdown began and is now asking for donations to CHEXS.
She has already raised £115 for us – thank you so much Karen and the local community for your kind donations and support at this difficult time.
To join the fun go to The Craft Room.

CHEXS and how you can support us..





Joining our Virtual Grow Club

Following our social media pages and sharing any posts / articles

For more information, please contact us on