Afterschool leadership sessions – supported by Children in Need

This half term the CHEXS team have facilitated After School Leadership Sessions at Downfield and Burleigh primary school, these activities continue to be funded by BBC Children in Need. 

The sessions have been very popular, with many of the children and families wishing for them to continue! 

Some of the children expressed to their families some anxiety in relation to attending a ‘new club / activity’. The CHEXS team made contact with those families and recorded introduction videos. These helped them settle and step outside their comfort zone.  This approach was very affective, with one child even sending a video back.

The team building activities encourage the children to ‘uncover’ their leadership potential. Along with support from CHEXS and their peers enables them to realise their gifts and talents.

CHEXS are looking forward to delivering the next block of sessions at St.Joseph’s and Brookland Junior school, leading up until the spring break.