Child Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

Child Mental Health Awareness Week is here, so take a look at some handy tips to help support your child’s mental health.
1.    Have age appropriate open and honest communication with your children.

2.    Parents take care of your mental health, as this helps to create a healthier environment of your children.

3.    Keep track of their mental wellbeing.

4.    Build trust with your children, a strong relationship begins with building trust.

5.    If they have caring responsibilities, make sure they are manageable.

6.    Think about what they need in their own lives.

7.    Encourage healthy relationships with others, such as grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins, friends, neighbours and also teacher they feel they can trust.

8.    Be Consistent! It is so important to be consistent with your children as they crave predictability and structure. They like to know what activity they’re going to do next, what consequences they will experience if they break rules, and what privileges they will receive for good behaviour.

9.    Teach stress management. Teaching your children healthy ways to deal with stress, such as, bullying, failed tests and disagreements with friends can help relieve some of their anxieties and fears.

10. Create healthy habits, for instance; A healthy diet, a good night’s sleep, and plenty of exercise aren’t just good for your child’s physical health—they’re essential to mental health too. Teach your kids to develop healthy habits that will keep their bodies and their minds in good shape.

Our Family support team are here to help, so if you need any advice or support, please get in contact.

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