CHEXS Coffee Sessions & willow delivery

CHEXS coffee sessions at Beaumont Centre in Cheshunt now have some fabulous regular attendees. We look forward to meeting up, playing games, having a cuppa and a chat.

A lady called Rita said the coffee session there was a ‘life saver’ as she is very lonely and gets two buses to get to the centre.

Rita looks forward to seeing the friends she has made and now sees some of them outside of the coffee morning.

One of the parents who work with CHEXS, also said that she feels like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders.

She said together we managed to put things in perspective and now knows with our help she will get there. 

Come and join us next week on Tuesday between 12.30 and 2.30, have a cuppa and a chat. 😀

On the 11th October we took one of our willow deers we had made to The Beaumont Centre in Cheshunt.

There were 6 amazing young people we have worked with previously, who spoke to the guests about the work CHEXS do.

Our friends at the Beaumont Centre were very grateful for their gift. It was wonderful for the children to see how their work is supporting the community around them!

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