CHEXS Holiday Sessions – Supported by the Postcode Places Trust & The Edward Gostling Foundation

CHEXS holiday sessions supported by Postcode Places Trust and The Edward Gostling Foundation are free for children that have worked with CHEXS either on a GROWTH or After School programme.

These holiday sessions encourage children to explore their creativity, improve their teamwork and leadership skills and focus on their aspirations for the future. The schedule for holiday clubs are carefully planned to ensure all children are included and the activities run are designed to improve key life skills. 

This summer CHEXS held another holiday sessions in local parks. One week, activities saw the bringing together of children from 5 of our local partner primary schools.

Child feedback included;

“It helped me to meet new people and make more friends.”

“Today I enjoyed talking to new people and being social.”

“CHEXS be bright you shine, you are kind, caring and amazing people, thankyou for today. I loved drawing today and playing splat, it was amazing”

“Today I liked meeting new people and making new friends.”

“I enjoyed making friends from other schools and I would come back.”

“I enjoy CHEXS because it’s awesome because you are helping children.”

Parent feedback;

“Thankyou CHEXS for all you do, XXX has so much more confidence now, his time with CHEXS this year has really helped.”

A BIG thankyou to Postcode Places Trust and The Edward Gostling Foundation who support these sessions.

They enabling our young people to come together, learn new skills and continue their journey with us!