GROWTH Programme Stage 1 Aspiration presentations

A great start to our GROWTH Programme Stage 1 Aspiration presentations at our partner schools.

Discussions have been had around their Aspirations and goals for the future. We discuss people people that inspire them and help them channel themselves to become the BEST version of themselves!

CHEXS is a vehicle to help improve young  people’s mental health and wellbeing. Through a structured programme of outdoor learning and coaching which we call ‘GROWTH’.

CHEXS focuses on it’s 4 key pillars during these sessions.

The principles of CHEXS are based on 4 key pillars. These are the foundations on which our projects are based.

Each stage of the CHEXS Growth programme focuses on teaching resilience as well as providing young people with a meaning and a purpose.

The projects inspire young people to consider their aspirations for the future and work to achieve them as well as setting a culture of expectation to create healthy and supportive relationships which promote wellbeing.

We have already completed our GROWTH Programme Stage 1 Aspirations day with two of our Secondary and 5 Primary schools. It has been a great success, meeting some of the young people that we are going to work with and support them to reach their goals this year!

Thanks to Warburtons for supporting us with our own CHEXS goals!

School Staff Feedback;

“The children are always so very enthusiastic to join CHEXS, I only wish the whole class could join as they would all benefit in different ways.”