Family support blog #16 focuses on Parent Guilt

Parent guilt, we’ve felt it at some point.


Am I showing them enough love, attention?

Are they happy?

We are not Superhuman but our children see us as Super Heroes.

We want to cushion our children from worries, conflicts and our guilt drives us to want to eliminate these concerns.

In doing this our children are not experiencing life’s lesson which is essential in growing up.

You are your children’s first teacher, teach them that making mistakes is a lesson learned.

Give them the tools to solve conflicts, show them how to communicate their worries.

You all do this in your everyday life, who taught you how to solve problems?

We know parents work so incredibly hard and your day is probably mapped out from morning till night.

Give yourselves a break, you’re smashing it.

Feeling the guilt is a wasted emotion, look at what you do each day with your children, breakfast, washed, dressed, out the door to school. (Book bag, lunch packed) Then the commute to work praying the train is not late, full day at work, home , again praying train is not late to pick up the children on time. Get home homework, dinner, bath, bedtime and collapse in bed knowing you have to do it all again tomorrow.

Spending quality time in the evening with your children is golden. Turn off the television, turn off the phone and spend about 10mins just asking simple question like , who made you laugh today, who was kind to you today, what new word did you learn today?

These are questions that require your children to answer without yes and no responses.

You can have days out with the children without costing the earth, eg. park, bike ride, den building, have a friend around for play date, a cooking lesson.

Make an activity jar with these activities inside and the children take turns picking an activity. It does not have to be all day, remember it is quality rather than quantity  in regards to the time you spend with your children.

Your children will look forward to these times spent together as a family.

Then watch that parent guilt slip away.

Have fun, enjoy each other.

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