GROWTH Programme Stage 2 – Creative Project

As part of the CHEXS GROWTH programme stage 2 – Creative project, our children and young people from both primary and secondary schools have been taking part in our creative/role model projects.

Our CYP team runs these creative projects primarily within the local schools. We work at, and are a way for children to take part in a creative project they will feel proud of.

Children from Year 2 – Year 10 have been busy this term gardening, making willow deers and painting, showcasing their talents to the rest of their community.

The projects we create are designed to aid inclusion, promote support and build coaching opportunities between the different age groups.

Our team works with secondary school young people who go into primary schools to support the younger children. They act as positive role models, providing them with support and guidance to navigate life as a teenager!

Both parties hugely benefit from the experience and being outside. Giving young people an opportunity to meet new people. This project has given all of the children a chance to build upon friendships, support their emotional wellbeing and improve their social skills.

CHEXS are very proud of the young people we work with as they continue to show their resilience, teamwork and confidence. We believe that with the right support and guidance, you can achieve anything you put your mind to!

We would like to thank Children in Need for supporting us with CHEXS GROWTH programme 2022-23

School Staff Feedback;

“XXX is doing amazing at the moment so that you to your guys. Its a team effort but shes gone from being a school refuser to being on target. She is now accessing 90% of her lessons.”

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