Family Support Blog #19 – Supporting your child’s mental health

Lets talk about supporting your child’s mental health….

We need to teach our children to talk about their feelings, before there is a problem.

The earliest intervention gives you and your child the confidence to look after their Mental Well-Being.

When talking to your child about their feelings, it needs to be an open and honest conversation. This takes time to achieve, as they need to feel safe about sharing how they feel.

Both sides need to listen without judgement. You both need to be in calm environment.

Your child needs to know it’s OK to feel these emotions and be able to talk about them. It’s OK to not be OK.

If you have noticed changes in your child, speak to their School or your GP for advice. Charities can be a good place to start looking for advice and help. Have a look online for groups who offer support.

To improve your child’s mental health and their well-Being, encourage them to exercise and eat healthily. Exercise releases good mood lifting endorphins. Take the dog for a walk, if you do not have one, maybe borrow one to take for a walk. Exercise together, it also gives you a good time to talk. Ask them what interests them and explore those avenues together.

A good healthy diet is key, involve them in the week’s menu and cooking.  

If your child is in crisis, contact the following organisations: 111 for immediate advice and your child can call Childline on 0800 1111.

If you notice a change in your Child’s moods like, disturbed sleep, loss of appetite, avoidance of Family and Friends. It may be the time to have a talk with them.

For further advice and support contact – childrens-mental-health and follow this links for help.

If we have good Mental Health, we sleep better and feel better. It helps us to have and want positive relationships. We can face challenges that life throws at us if we have good strategies in place.

Above all it’s good to talk and it’s good to listen.

Our Family Support Team are here to offer support and advice and are running workshops in your school throughout the year so please get in touch if you would like more information contact are #hereforyou if you need advice, guidance or support – you can contact us via the contact information on our Team page.

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