Family Support Blog #20 – How to get your Family off their devices

It a bit problem that’s becoming more prevalent – but how to get your family off their devices?

Families sometimes get lost in a Technology Fog and disconnect to those a round us.

Families become addicted to their games, phones and social media.

We isolate ourselves within our own Family.

We need to lead by example, pause binge watching that series on NETFLIX, silence the Facebook, Instagram notifications on your phone.

An alternative could be ‘ Coupons for Device use’ To get the coupon you have to come together as a family.

You could all prepare a meal together, complete all the chores, all go for a walk or play a board game.

Get friends over for dinner and make it a theme. For instance, it could a menu based on ‘Food from Around the World’

When we work and socialise together, it strengthens our family bonds. We open up to each other and discuss what’s going on in our lives.

When you want the family to come together (Device Free.) Have another activity lined up. For example, you could have a window box where the family grow herbs or veg, which you can use in your cooking. Start an ongoing project, that all the Family could participate.

Re-Connecting the family this way can only have positive outcomes.

Talking to each other, we familarise ourselves with body language and facial expressions.

We can use the time to share our worries and successes. We can celebrate and problem solve together.

Try to have one day a week without any devices, discuss it together as a family.

Start a Family Blog and see how it evolves over time. 

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