We would like to thank the Shanley Foundation for supporting us with CHEXS After-School Project 2022-23.

The Holiday Clubs funded by the Shanley Foundation and Peabody run all year throughout the majority of the school holidays. They are free clubs in place for our GROWTH and Afterschool Club children that we support year round.

These holiday clubs are in place to help build on the skills we teach and support in our programmes through the year, working on valuable life skills and most of all having fun. The planning for these sessions is based upon the four pillars that CHEXS works towards, building resilience within our young people, encouraging them to have better aspirations and goals, regardless of how large and having a meaning to our activities to enable our young people to feel empowered and purposeful in what they are taking part in. These allow for our young people to meet others from different local primary schools and make connections that they may not make in everyday life.

We have had over 60 children attend this year with several returner children that enjoyed it so much they came back each holiday. Most of our sessions took place in the lovely Cedars Park meeting room and Cuffley Community Centre, giving us the benefit of having some outside space for leadership and team work activities.

We incorporate both craft, team building and creative activities to ensure that all our young people’s strengths are built upon and they can be encouraged to step outside of their comfort zone to make social connections and try new things that they may not do at home or school. We also play sport and team building games in the open outside space, promoting healthy lifestyles, team work and leadership.

Young Person Quotes-

“I’ve enjoyed being with friends playing games and cheering people on. I like it that everyone is kind”

“COOL. FUN. AMAZING. I’ve learn’t to work together and learn’t not to get frustrated when things are not going my way”

“I enjoyed everything, the football, meeting new people. At home I just chill, at CHEXS I’ve got out of the house this week. I like coming because it’s fun”

“It was really fun and I got to meet new people. I don’t have Lego at home and it was really fun. I played football that I don’t normally do at home or school. I have gained more confidence during the activities”

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