I am a Family Support worker for Chexs

I work within various schools in the local area. I work alongside other professionals in the community to support families through challenging times.

I offer support and advice for a variety of different situations, for instance; parenting, housing, benefits, debt, anxiety and many more.

I have a passion for helping people with money management/benefits advice and routines and boundaries.

I along with my team run workshops for parents, guardians and carers to help support them with anxiety in children, healthy eating, routines & boundaries, self – esteem and crafts sessions.

I regularly provide 1 – 1 support sessions at schools with parents to support them through difficult times. You may see me around your school from time to time.

I also work closely with our self-esteem team who provide our enrichment programmes, as we support whole families of children within our schools.

I enjoy meeting our families and supporting them through difficult times. Although my days can be challenging at times, it is also very rewarding when progress is made and families have a happier, healthier homelife

Contact Andrea:

Email: AndreaB@chexs.co.uk

Tel:  07946 874573