Charley Jordan – CHEXS Children and young people support Lead

I’m Charley Jordan and my role at Chexs is the Children and young people support lead.

My Previous experience

Prior to working with CHEXS, I studied Education and Psychology at University. My career then led me to work as a Special Educational Needs Teacher in a local Hertfordshire SEN school.

Although my knowledge and experience is around a number of Special Educational Needs including ASD, ADHD and ODD, and within CHEXS. The charity and I feel I can offer my support and advice around these needs and so much more.

My younger brother has Autism himself so I understand the difficulties and barriers many young people face in their day to day lives, both at school and at home.

This role within CHEXS is to support young people and their families. To help children to realise their potential and boost their self-esteem by working with them in and outside of schools with our brilliant GROWTH projects.

My Goals

My passion is about creating an environment that allows young people to feel safe and comfortable. The project process throughout the year is to show them that they can achieve and master different skills that they would not normally attempt.

Our Growth team understands the challenges that young people might be facing, and we work hard to build strong connections to help support them. This work also involves working closely with the family support team to ensure that we can support the whole family.

Our Projects

The projects we offer mean I work in a 1 to 1 or in group-based activities. At Chexs we aim to bring out the best in every young person. Each day is always different, whether it be mentoring young people about troubles they may be facing, or outside in the community developing important life skills for the future.

I am lucky to be involved in such a dedicated charity!

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Tel: 07946 874632