Elaine McKenzie – Family Support Worker (Specialism children)

I’m Elaine McKenzie and in my role as Family Support Worker at CHEXS I have the honour of being ‘keyworker’ for 9 of the primary schools in the Broxbourne borough.

With each school myself and the Growth programme team deliver a range of engaging, thought provoking and inspiring leadership activities in a supported environment.

Close working relationships are built with the CHEXS children, their families and their school staff, (including pastoral leads). This collaboration is key and paves the way for success and the achievement goals.

CHEXS is all about developing that Human Connection and through that connection, we as a community can begin to work towards strengthening our life skills. This, in turn, can help the children and their families achieve their goals for the future.

Together we ARE stronger

I have just completed the 6 month long Wholality programme’, I am now CPD accredited as a coach and facilitator.  The training involved was about deepening one’s own direct experience of:

1) Our ’wholeness’ within

2) Our connection to a deeper intelligence

3) Knowing how the human experience is created and

4) The start of creating a life in resonance with our dreams.

Wholality aims.

It takes mental blocks and misunderstandings off our minds and helps to ‘lighten us up’ to live a more peaceful and joyful life. Why is this important? because ‘You have to be the change yourself that you are teaching others’.

This course has directly benefited both the children and young people that I work with and it has enabled me to coach and aid reflection and development.

I take the children and young people back to a time when their ‘dreams’ were alive and their hopes for the future were so clear and no one could stop them from pressing forward.
Over time we can innocently ‘cover up’ our resilience and brilliance. Through negative stories that we gradually build upon, we can start believing those stories to be true. Before we know it we can be left feeling deflated and unsure of our potential.

Our light is always there, just waiting for us to set it free!

Contact Elaine McKenzie on:

Email: ElaineM@chexs.co.uk

Tel: 07970498966