As part of my role as Family Support Worker at CHEXS I have the honour of being ‘keyworker’ for 9 of the primary schools which work out of the Broxbourne and Waltham Cross area. With each school myself and the Self-Esteem Enrichment Team deliver a range of engaging, thought provoking and inspiring leadership and self-reflection activities eg; the making of Willow Deer, domes and butterflies, team building games and small group / 1:1 mentoring sessions, which act as a vehicle for developing those vitally important life skills, whilst stepping outside their comfort zone, in a supported environment.

Close working relationships are built with the CHEXS children, their families and their school staff, including pastoral leads, the teaching team and assistants. This collaboration is key and paves the way for success and the achievement goals.

CHEXS is all about developing that Human Connection and through that connection, we as a community can begin to work towards developing and strengthening life skills and leadership qualities, which in turn can help the children and their families achieve their goals for the future.

Together we ARE stronger

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