I work with Chexs as a family support worker, specialising in children and young people.

I am often in schools working with young people to help them realise the potential they already have. I feel very passionate about creating an environment that allows young people to feel safe and comfortable, but one that also shows them that they can achieve and master different skills and tasks that they would not normally attempt.

The self-esteem team understand the challenges that young people may be facing, and we work hard to build strong connections to help support and be an outlet. We also work closely with the Chexs family support team, ensuring that wherever the chance for a positive impact to be made happens.

I really enjoy working with young people and getting to meet so many different personalities whether it be 1-1 or in group-based activities. Each day is always different, and I am lucky to be involved in such a dedicated charity!

Contact Gemma:

Email: GemmaB@chexs.co.uk

Tel: 07946 874632