Julie Cottenden – CHEXS Children & Young People Support Lead

Throughout a child/young person’s life there will be up’s and down’s that as parents we all worry about. Usually, these are phases that pass by without due concern and we put it down to growing up! Sometimes however the child or young person needs extra support to cope with the difficulties life is throwing at them or to cope with how they feel about themselves and this is where Julie’s role comes in.

Julie is able to identify the extra support that your child or young person needs through the completion of the Common Assessment Framework (ECAF) that is completed by parents, child/young person and the professional you feel most comfortable with, meaning you are always involved in the decisions that affect you and your family.

Contact Julie:

Email: juliec@chexs.co.uk
Tel: 07792 842516

Once the assessment is completed and actions identified, regular Team Around the Family (TAF) meetings are held to ensure that the support offered to your child/young person is provided in the right way and making good progress.

Julie also creates projects that help and support children/young people from our area enabling them to gain knowledge and experience through avenues outside of the education system hence meeting their more targeted needs.

This gives the CHEXS team more time to get to know the children/young people and their families so that trust and familiarity can be earned and more in-depth support offered.

Please contact Julie or a member of your school if you require support or information.