Julie Cottenden – CHEXS Children & Young People Support Lead

I’m Julie Cottenden and my work with CHEXS is not actually work, it is a passion!
I love seeing children and young people develop their skills, confidence, self-esteem and resilience.
Helping them acknowledge that they can achieve great things with some determination and support is hugely rewarding.  

CHEXS always say that….
“Everyone has a gift, they may just need a little help to find it.” Throughout a child/young person’s life there will be up’s and down’s that as parents we all worry about. Usually these are phases that pass by without due concern and we put it down to growing up!
Sometimes however, the young person may need extra support to cope with these difficulties and that is where the GROWTH project comes into it’s own.

The GROWTH Project

The CHEXS team travel along the GROWTH journey with the child or young person building trust by giving them a meaning and purpose and a sense of belonging.
My role is to coordinate and develop the GROWTH programme giving children and young people in our community the opportunity to have a say in the activities and services CHEXS provides.
Raising the funds for the CHEXS projects is also rewarding work that I undertake. Every penny we receive goes straight back into supporting the families and making their lives more fulfilling. We give opportunities to improve their situations, which for some can be very challenging.

Contact Julie Cottenden on:

Email: juliec@chexs.co.uk
Tel: 07792 842516

Delivering courses

Another part of my role is to deliver Safeguarding, Prevent and Internet Safety training to staff within our partner schools and to offer this out to the wider area.  I have been delivering these courses for many years and have seen an increase in these issues. Children, young people and their families face many issues so to disseminate this information is so important.
All of my job roles link into making sure the children and young people we support grow up to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives, making the most of any opportunities that may come their way.

The best part is…

The best part of my job?  Meeting up with children and young people that CHEXS have supported over the years and finding that they are happy and have achieved their goals and dreams. Who could ask for more?

Please contact Julie on the details on this page or through our social media channels, alternatively contact a member of your school if you require support or information.