Mariam Jabelhadj – Family support worker (Specialism parenting)

Hello, my name is Mariam Jabelhadj and I work as a Family Support Worker for CHEXS.

I am a Mum of one and I have had many years of experience working in schools. Through life experiences and my professional experience I am a firm believer that building relationships is crucial and is the key to success especially when working with families.

I’m very passionate about understanding other people’s situations, and I am non-judgmental of individual circumstances because, like many of us, I have experienced both highs and lows in life.

As someone who has such a passion for helping people, I was so pleased to start working with CHEXS. My aims are to help people accomplish their own personal goals and to provide guidance and assistance to families. Everyone deserves the opportunity to work towards the happy family life they desire.

CHEXS works in and around local schools to assist local families in dealing with a variety of difficulties. CHEXS provides plenty of support and advice on a wide range of topics, including parenting, anxiety, financial difficulties, housing, well-being, and many others. We assist families in coping with difficult or challenging situations through various parenting workshops and one-on-one parental support sessions. We also have community event days and craft sessions to bring families together.

You may see me around your school, please don’t be afraid to approach me and come and say Hi.

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Contact Mariam Jabelhadj:


Tel: 07757 754  029