Nicola Roberts – CHEXS Children and young people support worker

I’m Nicola Roberts, and this is just a little bit about me. My CHEXS journey started when my son was referred back in 2015. CHEXS supported him through his ADHD diagnosis journey.  My son struggled with the structure of a school day. It was so lovely to see him come home from a CHEXS day out and hear what he had been doing. This programme and projects gave him a sense of accomplishment. I also attended parent classes and re-sat an adults maths course through CHEXS.

For the past 12 years I have been a Teaching Assistant in a local Infants school. CHEXS have also been involved in this school supporting children, some of which I was teaching. I have gained a wide range of experience working alongside parents to support children’s additional needs.


To give children the tools to become the best that they can be. I feel every child has the right to education and my passion is supporting them through their personal journey, I love to see them grow, thrive, learn and achieve.

To be confident, boost self esteem, to be respectful, patient, a good role model, to be proud, resilient and to be successful.

I have a level 3 diploma in specialist support for teaching and learning, Safeguarding & First aid.

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Tel: 07494 972994