FAMILY / FAMILY NUMBER: Mother and one child

Family Background

Mother has fled due to domestic abuse – Emotional abuse. She is residing in refuge with her daughter. Having housing issues but is being supported by the refuge.

Concerns that the child is violent towards mother, possible ASD. Mother has anxiety and depression but has opted not to use medication anymore agreed with GP.

Child needs support with understanding the situation she is in and with social skills.

Family Intervention

Referred to Mind so that Mother can access emotional support and attending confidence building confidence

GP has given a supporting letter for child 1 to access and ASD assessment

Mother will be accessing CBT online course Referred to CAB for help with housing

Mother also attending course for strategies and attended our recreational family craft session


  • Safer Places
  • Mind
  • Primary School
  • GP

Outcomes and Impact

Parenting strategies are helping home life and they have now moved to temporary accommodation. Finances improved through accessing the relevant benefits

Mother is receiving emotional support enabling her to parent more effectively and have a calmer household environment

Child is now emotionally stable and able to access education. Mother being able to cope with her depression and anxiety and will be able to return to work

Family feedback

Mother is supportive of on-going support and reassurance as the support from the refuge has ended and grateful for support given.

Mother has been very receptive to all suggestions and accessed all suggested interventions. Both mother and daughter are receiving the required support to help them and mother is clear on her way forward.