FAMILY / FAMILY NUMBER: Mother and three children

Family Background

Parents are separated and have 3 children aged 6,8 and 14.

There has been an acrimonious divorce, which has left the children struggling emotionally to cope with the split.

The children are living with their mother in a hostel and the Mother is in debt and finding it hard to find work.

Father isn’t supporting the eldest child as it is not his biological daughter. The father has a serious car accident and is hospitalised for 3 months leaving the Children’s emotions spiralling out of control.

The eldest child has social issues and argues with other girls a lot.

How CHEXS Helped….

Offering parenting advice, guidance and support.

The children were enrolled onto the Growth and coaching programme with CHEXS CYP Team

Families First Assessment was opened and debt advice and support was given from CHEXS FSS team. The mother was also put in touch with the housing association to help with housing so that she could be moved out of the hostel.

Food vouchers were given and the children were added to the holiday activities programme too helping to take the pressure off the parents.

A valuable and much needed Counsellor was sought by CHEXS to support the children in school.

The eldest child took part in CHEXS My Life programme, which is the risky behaviours programme designed to help inform, support and guide young people.


  • School
  • Herts Counselling service
  • CHEXS Family Support Lead – Parenting
  • CHEXS Family Support Worker – Self Esteem Team
  • B3 Living Housing
  • HCF Funding

Outcomes and Impact

Parenting advice given focused on building and implementing relationships. Parents has now become much more amicable and are not putting the children in between them.

Budgeting and debt advice has financially helped the family to be fed and clothed.

The children have coped emotionally and have been given space talk about their worries, thus giving them the ability to engage more readily in their learning.

Eldest child has been able to learn about relationships and emotions through the My Life project.

The youngest child is no longer in need of support and the middle child is much more confident and has been assured that he was not to blame for the split.

In 2022 the parents reconciled and the family are happy and stronger than ever.

Family Feedback

Mother –‘ Thank you so much, I do not know what I would have done’

Eldest child – ‘It was so much fun and I learned so much!! It helped me because now I have a better understanding of relationships.’

8 year old – ‘Chexs is helping me out a lot in the situation I am in’.