CHEXS is incredibly proud of the amazing feedback we get from not only the young people that we work with, but the parents, carers and partners too.

Here are a collection of quotes and testimonials from some of these people.

“Although sometimes it doesn’t feel like it… it made me grow up and realise the mistakes I have made. I try my hardest to put them right. I also don’t get so angry now and deal with that better.”

“Raised self Esteem, Relationships and responsibilities improved”

“I learnt to keep trying and not give up.”

“Focus and work ethic has improved drastically”

“Before I meet with CHEXS I was having problems due to separation.  CHEXS put me in touch with different organisations and I am now moving forward with it all. I got help and support and it was lovely to be listened to.”

“CHEXS has helped me to become the person I am.  I used to be quiet but now I talk a lot more and give my ideas and opinions.”

“I have been more calm which is thanks to CHEXS and this has had a positive impact at home.”

“CHEXS has given me someone to talk to without being judged. The communication between me and my daughter has improved as a result of the advice given by CHEXS. I always have someone to turn to turn to in difficult times and helps to find solutions. Very supportive.”

“I cant believe what I happened today at CHEXS. I learnt something I didn’t know.  If we listen we know how to do a new skill. It is better to come to school and learn then stay at home and not learn.”

“Fun because it is the first time I have been in a minibus and I learnt how to use the tools safely. Stay away from sharp objects. Be kind to each other Sometimes you need to work as a team. We used listening skills, helped each other.”

“Better concentration, improved attitude to work”

“I learnt that I need to listen better so that I hear all the instructions. I used to shout out a lot in class but I have improved.”

“I have sorted out my finances out with help from CHEXS and my children have calmed down.”

“Fun to meet secondary school students and new people and learning new things about nature. New skills such as weaving and good leadership.”

Over the year he’s behaviour has improved and will respond more quickly to instructions and guidance”

“Attendance is phenomenal. She has gained a lot of confidence being on the project. Attendance is now 96.2%”

“The project has given xxxxx the confidence and skills to overcome conflict. She used to struggle with friendship issues these seem reduced”

“Seems happier and confident in herself. Her attendance has improved”

“Less shy in class Self-esteem increased”

I Love CHEXs Because…