* The names have been changed to protect the family’s identity

Kian had been through an unsettling stage in his life.

Kian’s father had come back into his life following a long period of absence. Around the same time, there had also been a family car accident which had left his mother injured and Kian as a young carer to her.

Despite Kian being a very academically able child, the impact of this emotional trauma was taking it’s toll on him. He was under achieving and coasting along with his work, he lacked confidence and an any kind of assertiveness. 

The school referred Kian to CHEXS when he was in year 8 and he was immediately enrolled onto the GROWTH programme.

The team took him to Lee Valley for some team building and the following year he was chosen to return again as a mentor for the younger children.  These projects have helped Kian to develop his character, building confidence and resilience, as well as to learn coping mechanisms and key skills for his future.  

Kian’s view

“CHEXS pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me do something I would not usually do – I felt supported by CHEXS.

I felt like I had someone in my corner and behind me all the way, they would help me whatever happened.  It really helped improve my confidence and self-esteem. Not only that, it has made me the person I am today.

In the future, I would love to get an apprenticeship with CHEXS so that I can continue to develop my skills and then work with young people so that I can pass on my knowledge and experiences.”

The School’s view

Kian is a sensible young man who has gained the confidence and leadership skills to lead and mentor his peers. 

Kian developed more confidence in school and has become more emotionally stable. His calm and patient nature means he is able to control his emotions when he becomes frustrated with others to the point where they do not realise they have annoyed him. 

He was extremely enthusiastic about CHEXS and has become very mature doing well in his academic achievement. 

Quote from Kian’s parent

“‘Thank you once again for all you have done with Kian over the years I truly believe it has helped him become the well-rounded individual he is today.  He loves spending time with you guys and comes back a happy chap from everything he does with you and CHEXS.”