*The names have been changed to protect the family’s identity.

Initially Max was signed up by his school onto our unique and successful GROWTH programme.

He showed particular interest in the community habitat project where he helped clear overgrown areas of Lee Valley so that it could be utilised better by the public.

Max was having some difficulties at home. Due to domestic violence, he no longer was in contact with his mother and was living in just two rooms a hostel with his father and two siblings

This upheaval was making him angry and although he was very keen to do well, he could easily become disheartened and despondent. 

Once he joined the programme his attitude change immensely, he would jump at the chance to attend each project.  He was brilliant and always encouraged others to join the in and kept everyone’s spirits high especially when the weather or task was becoming really challenging.

Quote from Max’s school

“Max has shown improved behaviour at school and now has a more positive outlook linked to enthusiasm. He rarely has angry outbursts now and has continued with his education into the 6th form.” 

By the following year, Max was a regular with the CHEXS team and was a keen volunteer in the community.

He became the lynchpin of the volunteering group he was part of, making sure everyone knew that they were to attend the project.

Max coordinated the group to continue volunteering with other projects and became a spokesperson for the group within the charity. 

His eagerness to find other avenues where he could support CHEXS was incredibly inspiring, he always went the extra mile to ensure as many volunteers as possible could join him. 

Max’s ability to put other people at ease and continually encourage people with a cheerful smile is phenomenal. He is excellent at supporting others when challenges are become too hard for them. 

In recognition of his volunteering and hard work within the community, he was awarded runner-up Broxbourne Young Volunteer of the Year Award. 

Max’s view

“CHEXS has helped me because I’ve done the things I never imagined. I’d complete projects and have learnt that when things go wrong I know never to give up because I’ve done the hardest challenge!

The skills I have learned will help me at home as I am not afraid to do most things now.  It has been a life changing experience. “