CHEXS – Theory of change 2019

CHEXS team and a group of our beneficiaries and stakeholders attended a Theory of Change workshop on Friday 12th July.

CHEXS Theory of change group discussion

The Theory of Change is a tool for developing solutions to complex societal problems. It provides a clear “pathway” by identifying the best interventions to achieve overall organizational goals. It asks how best can the organisation make change happen in the context in which they work, based upon the strengths and opportunities of the organisation.

CHEXS Theory of change ideas board

The Theory of Change workshop consisted of stakeholders, volunteers, CHEXS staff and most importantly our beneficiaries and was a great opportunity to listen and receive input from all involved with topical and thought provoking discussions and ideas. The workshop helped identify the tools for developing solutions to social problems. Helping the charity to provide a clear “pathway” by highlighting the best services & projects to achieve our mission.

Thank you to everyone who supported. #support #change #volunteers #staff#listen #input #workshop #beneficiaries #opportunity CHEXS