Our Team for Children and Young People

Our highly trained team are fully qualified to offer advice as well as training and support to the children and young people that they work with.

Qualifications for the whole team include:

 CEOP Ambassadors

First aiders and mental health first aiders

Protective behaviours 1 & 2

Safeguarding Level 2

Young Carers link working

Training & coaching

Transgender awareness training

STEPS Training

Under recruitment

Children and young people support lead.

Tel:    Email:

Eloise Pilcher

Children and young people support worker

Tel: 07534432260
Email: EloiseP@chexs.co.uk

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Karen Morley-Hayes

Children and young people support worker

Tel: 07494973028
Email: KarenMH@chexs.co.uk

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Nicola Roberts

Children and  young people support worker

Tel: 07494972994
Email: NicolaR@chexs.co.uk

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Our Family Support Team

Our supportive and highly qualified team can help with many issues including, but not restricted, to the following areas.

Communicating with your child or teen and managing challenging behaviour.

Offering support on how to help with your child’s learning.

Offering advice and links to local services if your child has additional needs.

Tips and advice on managing your finances.

Loss or bereavement and where to go for help and support.

Abusive relationships and where to turn.

Bullying and how to help your child or teen.

Primary to secondary school transition support.

Lee Routledge
Family Support Leader

Tel: 07792 842587
Email: Lee@chexs.co.uk

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Mariam Jabelhadj

Family Support Worker with a specialism in parenting.

Tel: 07757 754029

Email: MariamJ@chexs.co.uk

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Andrea Baxter

Family Support Worker with a specialism in parenting.

Tel: 07946 874573
Email: AndreaB@chexs.co.uk

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Andrea Bye

Family Support Worker with a specialism in parenting.

Tel: 07534 432258
Email: AndreaBye@chexs.co.uk

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Our Team in the Office

Our friendly office team are always on hand to direct you to our relevant service or team member as well as to other local support services.

Peter Maiden
Chief Executive Officer

Tel: 07974 262875
Email: petem@chexs.co.uk

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Linda Jeeves
CHEXS Office Manager

Tel: 07970 498966
Email: lindaj@chexs.co.uk

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Simone Kelsey-Clark
CHEXS Growth & Communications Manager

Tel: 07950 303247
Email: simonek@chexs.co.uk

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Under Recruitment

Marketing and Communications Officer


Alison Sutton
CHEXS Administrator

Tel: 07970 498966
Email: admin@chexs.co.uk

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Additional Support Services

Lisa Lee

DSPL4 – Autism Support Worker

CHEXS works closely with the autism support workers at DSPL4.

The team provide support and advice to parents or carers of children with autism. If you are waiting for a diagnosis of autism we can help with either telephone consultations, a home visit or via email.

Lisa role is “Delivering Special Provision Locally” (DSPL) with autism support. This is Hertfordshire’s team. They support our local schools and deliver quality local advice and support. The team ensure that families have access to any specialist help they may need.

DSPL4 works closely with local schools and SENCO’s and assist in providing additional support. Lisa is the area contact within Hertfordshire. Her knowledge of services and support for children with SEND is second to none.

Our Team of Trustees

Tony Gorton


Sir Charles Walker

Patron – MP Broxbourne

Paul Seeby

Vice Chair – Broxbourne Borough Councillor

Ben Booth

Treasurer – Business

Patsy Spears

Broxbourne Borough councillor

Elizabeth Allum

Vice Chair – Marriotts School

Julie Cottenden

Trustee – Ex-CHEXS employee CYP and growth

Sheila Farmer

Trustee - Leader of Waltham Cross Over 60’s Club

Sarah Goldsmith

Trustee – Headteacher Downfield Primary School

Kerry Laffar

Trustee – Beneficiary

Jess Hewitt

Trustee – Beneficiary

Our Team of volunteers

Our volunteers offer much valued support to our teams.

Volunteers help in a variety of ways including admin support within our head office, at our community events or even out on projects with young people.

Could you help and volunteer for CHEXS?

You can also check out all of our volunteer opportunities on our Volunteer page or alternatively you could go on the Go Volunteering in Herts page.



“I have found working with young men and women at CHEXS to be very rewarding. Outside the school environment, they often shine and surprise both themselves and their support staff with what they are able to achieve. These fine young people see that they can make better choices in life. They gain in both maturity and confidence through the activities we expose them to and it is such a pleasure to witness this transformation.”



“I volunteer for CHEXS on a weekly basis. I feel the work CHEXS does is very important for the children as well as all members of the families they are connected with. By volunteering, I can help in a small way with this work. It’s lovely when there is feedback saying how much difference CHEXS has made to peoples lives.”