CHEXS aims to deliver 3 key differences with our after-school project promoting leadership. 

Difference 1

We will raise children’s aspirations and making them better placed to achieve their potential

Difference 2

We will improve children’s self-esteem and confidence enabling them to step outside their comfort zone.

Difference 3

We will improve children’s’ ability to communicate with and form relationships with other people both at home and school so they make new friends more easily.

All of the above will develop Life Skills.  

  1. Team working
  2. Leadership skills
  3. Problem solving

Aspiration presentation

We programme begins with an Aspiration Presentation with our team members delivering a talk about the benefits of the project. This talk is to motivate and inspire the young people to think about their goals, expectations and confidence.  The aim is to step outside of their comfort zones and ultimately to help them to achieve their own personal goals.


To improve team working using different methods of communication, verbal, non verbal or body language, to increase confidence and improve communication.

Family Spring Craft sessions

The children volunteer at our popular Spring Craft sessions.  Once confident, the children will demonstrate a craft activity to the attendees. This give these young people the opportunity to engage with parents and carers within the local community and to help support and steer the sessions. 

The CHEXS team coach the children to help raise confidence/achievement/attendance and experience working as part of a team to enhance and develop the sessions.

Children are given the opportunity to choose the areas of work and consider how they can develop the craft. 

Look out on our facebook page for more information on this and other craft activities.


Building positive relationships, raising self esteem and confidence, improving working with others and demonstrating leadership and communication skills. 

CHEXS After-school project promotes Leadership skills and Problem Solving Activities

The children are coached by the CHEXS team to create and take part in problem solving games and activities to build skills in creative thinking and teamwork, as well as leadership and self esteem.

The opportunity to communicate with one another and build strong peer relationships is incredibly important. 


Building leadership qualities, problem solving and strong relationships, as well as self esteem and confidence, improving working with others. 

CHEXS Community Days

The assist on CHEXS two community days, one in April and the other in July. Children alongside their parent/carer will help set up the day and lead activities delivered to the public supported by CHEXS staff. To engage with the local community with a sense of belief and ownership tackling local issues and improving community relationships.


Building self-esteem, leadership qualities, problem solving and instigating strong relationships within the local community, as well as confidence and teamwork, improving communicating well with others. 

Link to school education – Help raise confidence, self esteem, leadership skills and behavior. Building support networks with one another, and to enhance and encourage teamwork.