What is GROWTH?

CHEXS GROWTH programme has helped thousands of children and young people to overcome barriers to their own achievable goals for over 11 years.

We are an award-winning youth and family support charity based in the Borough of Broxbourne in Hertfordshire. Our projects support parents and carers as well as children and young people. Our approach targets young family members are struggling to achieve their potential.

We take a whole-family approach, working alongside schools and the Family Support Team to improve the confidence, wellbeing and resilience of selected pupils. Our team supports parents to resolve challenges and develop communication skills, so they can help their children achieve their goals.

Young people follow a structured programme of age-appropriate activities for learning outside of classroom, which enables them to improve their wellbeing, succeed and build confidence.

All work is based upon protective behaviours and promoting positive mental health.

Our focus is on giving every child the opportunity to blossom within their family, school and community. CHEXS works with families by directly tackling behavioral and communication issues as well as confidence issues.

We are a preventative and early intervention specialist delivering a 11 year proven programme of success.

Support outside of the school curriculum via outdoor experiences are paramount to CHEXS success. Team building and volunteering projects incorporate the use of many natural materials and peer mentoring provides raised confidence and self- esteem.

Our aim is to increase skills and resilience for the future. The projects within our GROWTH programme enables young people to step outside their comfort zones, to be challenged and to learn in a safe, supportive educational environment.

Our bespoke GROWTH Programme

The GROWTH programme are a series of 10 projects that will help create opportunities and environments to support children and young people who can then become positive role models. Allowing these young people to flourish by giving them:

  • meaning & purpose
  • the expectation of being able to achieve
  • aspirations to aim for and the resilience to get there  

Our highly trained team support a wide range of difficulties using lived experiences and specialised training and coaching.

  • Time to build trust.
  • Qualities to inspire.
  • Skills to teach and experiences to share.
  • Strategies with tools and techniques to engage.
  • Prolonged opportunities to engage in positive tangible activities to build trust and relationships.

CHEXS After School Leadership Project

Providing team building opportunities and developing key life skills

  • Raising children’s aspirations and make the better placed to achieve their potential
  • Improving children’s self-esteem and confidence enabling them to step outside of their comfort zone
  • To improve children’s ability to communicate with and form relationships with other people both at home and school.

Family Support

Supporting parents to resolve challenges and develop communication skills, so they can help their children achieve their personal goals.

CHEXS offers inclusive parenting workshop groups sharing a wealth of experience, advice and guidance in a relaxed environment, coupled with our one to one support sessions for parents. Our team are on hand to help.

  • To build the skills and confidence of parents from 345 deprived families to enable them to reach their full potential.
  • Parents will have better relationships with children and improved skills to manage behaviour and support learning.
  • Children will have improved family relationships, raised aspirations and performance.

Professional Training

  • Safeguarding
  • Child Exploitation & Online Protection (CEOP)
  • Raising Awareness of Prevent (WRAP)
  • Pediatric First Aid
  • Basic First Aid

The aims and approach of the Growth Programme are: 

  • Building children and young people’s self-esteem.
  • Teaching young people to promote a positive self-image.
  • For the children and young people to develop positive behaviour and improve school performance.
  • To have a better understanding of feelings and emotions as well as how to manage those feelings.
  • Developing concentration skills.

Sessions are tailored to best meet the needs of those taking part.

The format of these sessions are based on activities and techniques that have been developed by our own past experiences. We have a steering group (CHEXS Network forum) of young people and their help ensures that our projects and processes stay relevant. 

Our Holistic Approach

We are easy to integrate

CHEXS primary vision is working together in partnership with all other key local organisations and the charity aims to ensure that all families in our community get the support and help that they need.

 By supporting young people and their families, we aim to develop a sense of togetherness in our community. We’ll provide opportunities for families to build relationships, grow and support our local area.