CHEXS Family Support service aims to deliver 3 key outcomes between 2020-2023

Outcome 1

To build the skills and confidence of parents and carers to enable them to reach their full potential.

Outcome 2

Parents will have better relationships with children and improved skills to manage behavior and support learning.

Outcome 3

Children will have improved family relationships, raised aspirations and performance.

Our Aims

Over three years, our Family Support Team aims to work directly with parents and children in our local community.

The focus of all our work is to listen. Supporting parents to resolve challenges and develop communication skills, so they can help their children achieve their own personal goals.

Our Family Support Service Team Aims

The Family Support Lead and the whole team works with the parents as well as the whole family to build positive and constructive relationships.

CHEXS aim is to develop communications skills and discuss strategies to manage children’s behaviour. Through 1-2-1 support, coaching and running parenting courses, and our social media blogs the team helps parents increase their skills and confidence.

Our support helps resolve underlying issues such as provide specialist support on money, housing, employment and wellbeing.

It is our mission to to create a more positive, supportive environment so that parents can support their children’s development, growth and learning.

Based on past evaluation of our Family support team’s work, we would expect:

Outcome 1

– Parents from these families to communicate more effectively with their child(ren)

– To have better parenting skills

– Help to resolve practical issues contributing to family stress, e.g. debt and housing

Outcome 2

– To cope better with their child(ren)’s behaviour

– Having better relationships with their child(ren)

– Improved confidence in supporting their child(ren)’s learning

Outcome 3

Children will also benefit from our support with parents. Some of the children referred onto our Growth project receive a package of support, not only from our family support team, but also from our Growth programme team.

The combination of family and child support is critical to achieving long-term, positive and sustainable outcomes. If we don’t address underlying family issues, a child’s improvement in performance at school may diminish.

Based on historic parental feedback, supported by separate evaluations from children, we aim to have parent and children benefiting from the support and advice supplied by the Family Support Teams.

The outcomes are to include:

– Improved behaviour at home

– Improved confidence, wellbeing and communications skills

– To have improved behaviour at school

– Having improved school performance

– Having higher aspirations