Desired Long Term Goals

In July 2019, CHEXS held a Theory of Change workshop involving beneficiaries, stakeholders, volunteers, key partner agencies, CHEXS operational and board members to inform a new strategic plan for 2020-23.

Our strategy has five clear beneficiary-driven, measurable outcomes, each of which has a member of staff as an owner and a Board member assigned to support them. We review progress against our strategic outcomes quarterly which continues to demonstrate the difference the charity makes in supporting families in the local community and have developed an organisation-wide fundraising strategy with 20% long-term funding being secured from the National Lottery Community Fund.

To ensure the charity remains current to local needs we are working on updating CHEXS desired long-term goals.  This will ensure CHEXS Strategy (2023 – 2027) provides a guide for the charity to grow, actively support all our beneficiaries, and remains fit for purpose, especially with the effect of the current cost of living crisis and legacy from the pandemic on the people we are here to serve.

Context for the aims that we are trying to achieve

The workshop will provide a visual model of the charity’s vision, mission, and values, including reviewing CHEXS intended outcomes.  The workshop will identify which types of services and projects/activities will lead to the intended changes, and where there are gaps in available provisions that need addressing. Through this method the links between outcomes and specific activities and their role in achieving the intended social change can be much better understood, allowing for better planning, evaluation, and recognition of a project’s success outside of its own specified outcomes.

Stage 1

Review the thread right through CHEXS by re-confirming the Vision, Missions, Values and the charity Family Support Services (FSS) and Children & Young People (CYP) Frameworks.

Stage 2

Review and update our five outcomes and enable all to share their thoughts/experiences to align CHEXS services and the track record of impact/outcomes into the re-designing stage linked to CHEXS 5 objectives (as detailed below).

Stage 3

Guiding Principles for CHEXS to Support Families in the Local Community.  This will ensure we can clearly show how CHEXS desired long-term goals are strategically positioned to engage, support, and enable the whole community to have ownership of CHEXS’s direction.

This process will also empower CHEXS Governance to be clear about their own key responsibilities within the 3 key strategy sections that underpin CHEXS outcomes, these are:

  • Growth – Governance to ensure the growth, sustainability, and succession planning of CHEXS.
  • Marketing – Governance to ensure the charity reaches more beneficiaries and stakeholders and raises the charity’s profile with funders, businesses, and volunteers.
  • Services – Financial and operational governance to robustly monitor and develop CHEXS services, guaranteeing the charity remains focused and that every penny helps support the charity’s mission, values, and vision.

CHEXS 5 Outcomes

  1. To enable parents including those from deprived and vulnerable families to develop their skills and confidence, to build a happy home.
  1. To enable parents to have improved skills to manage behaviour and support learning. Resulting in better relationships with children.
  1. To enable children to develop skills and improve relationships, to build resilience and self-esteem whilst improving wellbeing.
  1. To enable our community to work together with a sense of belief and ownership tackling local issues and improving community relationships.
  1. To enable the Charity to be governed and sustainably resourced with the broadest strategic choice to best enable the achievement of its vision.

If you would like to attend our ‘Desired Long Term Goals’ workshop on the 20th March 2024 then please contact Linda Jeeves on or by clicking the below link and booking on via Eventbrite.