Big journeys begin with small steps!

CHEXS are a family support charity based in Waltham Cross in the borough of Broxbourne. 

Our charity employs a team of highly trained family support workers to help both young people, parents and carers as well as the local community. We offer a series of unique projects from coaching, to outdoor projects in the community to help improve the lives of families living within Cheshunt, Broxbourne and Waltham Cross in Hertfordshire.

Our support is open to all families whose children live within the borough of Broxbourne or the surrounding areas. Currently we work within 13 of the local schools, and our support ranges from 1 to 1 parenting sessions, workshops, holiday activities and our award winning GROWTH programme which tackles mental health, confidence issues & so much more.

CHEXS offers a 30 week programme designed, tested and implemented to support children and young people’s common mental-health concerns as well as their overall wellbeing.

The charity was founded by our CEO Pete Maiden 10 years ago following a career in the Navy. You can read more about this on our History of CHEXS page.

CHEXS works by using a two stream approach.

1.Children and Young People team

The team follow a structured programme of age-appropriate activities for learning outside of the classroom. This approach improves wellbeing, helps strive for success and build confidence.

All work is based upon protective behaviours, coaching and promoting positive mental health.

2. Family Support Team

The team works in tandem with our Children and Young People team offering inclusive parenting workshops. These groups share a wealth of experience, advice and guidance in a relaxed environment. We also offer one to one support sessions for parents too.

Our team are on hand to help and regularly refer a child or parent into one another.

CHEXS uses a unique whole family approach.

Our approach helps parents build strong relationships and trust with their child. Young people are coached and supported through a variety of projects designed to build up problem-solving as well as other tangible skills.

These projects instil a sense of purpose, meaning and aspirations for the future. A focus on resilience helps young people to face everyday obstacles and achieve their true potential.

Our 10 year record of success means that our unique approach works!

Find out more about CHEXS by viewing our Information Flyer – Click the link below