CHEXS supports World Mental health Day 2023

CHEXS are supporting World Mental Health Day today.

Our support often centres around mental health and emotional support with parents and carers in our community.
Our family support team are #heretohelp.

Recently a parent began working with CHEXS, they didn’t know which way to turn to get the help they needed. Their child had just been diagnosed with special educational needs and they didn’t know what to do. Their worries about their finances were escalating and this had seriously affected their mental health.

“I have been feeling low recently, things have really got on top of me. I didn’t know who to turn to.”

The CHEXS Family support team met with the parent regularly and offered reassurance and financial advice as well as supporting signpost referrals to CAB as well as SPACE and ADDVance for SEN advice. This parent is in a much better place emotionally and just needed someone to listen, give support and advise which way to turn.

Our children and young people support team spend a lot of time with young people working through confidence, low self esteem and other mental health issues.
Our team are in your child’s school offering support when they need it on every day, not just World Mental Health Day.

Recently a child was referred to our CHEXS GROWTH programme due to low moods, anxiety and a huge lack of confidence. She was extremely shy when we first met her, but during the projects and working with CHEXS, she started to come out of her shell and gain confidence and started to feel less anxious.

By the end of the programme she took part in work experience at a local primary school, something she would not have previously been able to do with her high anxiety levels. The role model programme helped her with her overall wellbeing, anxiety and confidence.

Her mother said:
“When I picked her up today she was like a different person. She was really happy and thoroughly enjoyed her day with you and your team. Thank you so much. “

The CHEXS children and young people team spend a lot of time tailoring the GROWTH projects to meet the needs of the young people that are referred to us, ensuring the best possible outcome for the child.
This particular child is in a much happier place now and enjoying school life as well as making new friends.

CHEXS are #hereforyou 💙

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