Impact – Quantitative, Qualitative and Anecdotal feedback

Children & Young People Feedback

Children complete evaluation themselves. We used to do this via before-and-after surveys, but found children need time to gain the confidence to admit there’s a problem.

We now use post-support reflection:

Primary Secondary Overall
Said their self-esteem had increased 94% 84% 90%
Had better problem-solving skills 90% 92% 91%
Were better at communicating 88% 91% 89%
Developed leadership skills 94% 93% 94%
Had increased aspirations 83% 76% 90%

Parents / Carers Feedback

We use quantitative and qualitative evaluation. Most recently, a representative sample of 40 parents supported during the year, completed an in-depth questionnaire developed by an external evaluator

Said we helped them communicate more effectively with their child(ren) 100%
Said they coped better with their child(ren) behaviour 100%
Said we helped them inprove their parenting skills 97%
Said they hadd better relationships with their child(ren) 95%
Said they were more confident in supporting their child(ren)’s learning 96%
Said we had helped them access other support they needed. 78%

Parent’s comments included

“You’ve given me support to become a better parent and helped me learn new strategies to deal with my children’s behaviour. I feel more relaxed and more confident than I’ve ever done!” 

In terms of the impact on children:

Said their child’s behaviour at home improved 94%
Said their child(ren)’s confidence, wellbeing and communications skills improved 89%
Said their child(ren)’s school performance improved 87%
Said their child(ren)’s behaviour at school improved 81%
Said their child(ren) had increased aspirations 90%