*The names have been changed to protect the family’s identity

Ben has faced significant challenges from an early age.

For years, he witnessed his Dad abuse his Mum and, since they separated, he’s been a carer for his sister who has learning disabilities.

Ben and his sister were referred to CHEXS, due to their challenging behaviour. Although his sister has learning disabilities, she is in mainstream education, but struggling with the pressures of school life and often lashes out.

Initially our team worked with the family to get Ben’s sister into a special school which would better support her needs. She is now thriving.

Our focus then shifted to Ben who was sadly now facing permanent exclusion.

His behaviour at school had spiralled out of control and he had started drinking and becoming regularly in trouble with the police.

Ben was enrolled into our GROWTH programme, working in the natural environment to improve his self-esteem and confidence through team building exercises.

Attending the programme has bought near instant success for Ben. His behaviour improved significantly, he is drinking so much less and we’re pleased to report he hasn’t been in trouble with the police for a very long time. 

As his confidence has grown, Ben has developed a passion for forestry. The support he’s received has shown how he can pursue a vocational career working in the environment. He’s now looking for an apprenticeship in this field.

Ben recently told us……

“[CHEXS] taught me lots of things about safety and rules, they didn’t just shout at me they explained things”.