Role model project – Primary and Secondary

LOVELY is our CHEXS word of the day from yesterday

We were blown away by just how amazing young people can be. So kind, caring and compassionate in the last CHEXS Creative and Role Model project of this academic year.

There were so many lovely moments watching the Secondary and Primary School pupils interacting with each other when they had only met each other that day. So lovely to see those that are anxious or shy overcoming their fears. So lovely to see the support they gave each other not only in the practical element of yesterday, but also when discussing their barriers, home life, school life, friendships plus many more conversations.

The pictures really don’t do this project from yesterday any justice. Just simply a lovely day with what CHEXS does best, supporting children and young people and their families.

The Task

The role-model project task yesterday was to create a sensory garden in a previously made raised bed by the children where we planted herbs and enjoyed trying to guess the smell. Variations of Lemon Mint, Grapefruit Mint, Spearmint, Thyme, Rosemary, Lavender were discussed and how they are all different and unique, just like the children and young people we work with and how it’s ok to be different/unique.

We also planted bedding plants in the school’s Confidence Corner, a beautiful space to go and relax in.Well done Goffs Churchgate and Goffs Oak Primary and Nursery School coming together to enhance Goffs Oak school community.

Child quotes:

“My Buddy helped me in absolutely everything.

She asked some good questions and was very open with me”.

“Confidence – because I wouldn’t normally talk to people I don’t know but now I can talk to anyone”.

“Teamwork – my Buddy taught me to always have motivation”.”It helped me today in how to work with other people better than I normally do”.

Parent Feedback:

“Thank you so much for the wonderful work and time you give to the children. My son has really grown in confidence and enjoys all the CHEXS sessions”.

“My son says it’s really helped him have more confidence. I feel he is more descriptive and talkative after a session with CHEXS”.

“My son was so enthusiastic and has really enjoyed his sessions he has attended. Thank you all for giving this support it is really appreciated”.

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